The Apsis Fleet Management Solution (AFMS) provides real-time monitoring and management of Fleets and Mobile Instruments providing alerts and notifications and offers easy-to-use vehicle and fleet real time information.

The Apsis Fleet Management Solution (AFMS) provides reliable, real time cost-effective, fleet monitoring and management. Combining GPS technology and wireless communication with an easy-to-use web-based management application, the Apsis Fleet Management Solution (AFMS) ensures constant, on-demand access to fleet information at any time, from any place.

An in-vehicle GPS-enabled AFMS transceiver collects critical data such as location, speed, and vehicle and driver information. This information is sent from the transceiver over a GSM or GPRS wireless network to the Apsis Central Monitoring Web Application (ACMWA) where it is saved in a secure database. If no wireless network is available, the information is stored until a connection can be established.

The Apsis Central Monitoring Web Application (ACMWA) provides asset location and mapping messaging and alerts and offers reporting functions. This easy-to-use application tracks assets on a GIS-enabled map in real-time or can be accessed at any time for replay. Users can program notifications for predefined events such as excessive speed,emergencies and stoppages. MIS reports generated by the Apsis Central Monitoring Web Application (ACMWA) enables users to analyse fleet performance by vehicle,driver,route and more.

This cutting-edge solution provides managers with complete transparency into their assets and operations, improving fleet performance and reducing costs. On-demand access to time- and location-sensitive data minimises delays, protects assets and enhances customer service. The Apsis Fleet Management Solution (AFMS) is designed for fleet management and monitoring in a range of industries, including shipping, trucking, transportation, emergency services or anywhere assets are in transit.

  • Real-time vehicle location, distance travelled and speed
  • Anywhere access to critical asset and fleet information
  • GIS-enabled digital map for asset tracking
  • Two-way voice and text communication between fleet managers and vehicles
  • Programmable SMS notifications for predefined events and emergencies
  • Monitors location of stops
  • Customisable for client-specific requirements
  • Built-in GSM/SMS communications
  • Ignition sensing and power managed transceiver