The Apsis Remote Fuel Monitoring System (ARFMS) provides real-time monitoring and management of monitoring Diesel/Petrol in Vehicle Fuel Tank,Mobile Tankers Ferrying Fuel Oil and Power Generator Sets providing alerts and notifications,and offers easy-to-use vehicle and DG real time information.

The Apsis Remote Fuel Monitoring System (ARFMS) provides reliable, real time cost-effective, fuel consumption monitoring and management. Combining GSM/GPRS wireless communication with an easy-to-use web-based management application, the Apsis Remote Fuel Monitoring System (ARFMS) ensures constant, on-demand access to Fuel present / consumed information at any time, from any place.

With the ever rising price of fuel, the pilferage instance recorded has gone all time high and is becoming the number one problem faced by the Transport Companies and Generator Set Rental Companies. Here the monitoring of the fuel levels and the consumption needs to be monitored at a real time basis and any anomaly needs to be informed to the base station at the earliest.

Apsis Remote Fuel Monitoring System (ARFMS) continuously monitors the level of the fuel in the tank and keeps a log of levels on an on-board memory device. This information is sent from the transceiver over a GSM or GPRS wireless network to the Apsis Central Monitoring Web Application (ACMWA) where it is saved in a secure database. If no wireless network is available, the information is stored until a connection can be established.

The system is further capable of detecting any sudden change in the levels of the fuel, which might be because of fuel being removed from the tank illegally, or some leakage in the tank. The refilling of the tanks is also monitored and the information is saved for later use. This information is very vital to calculate the running average of fuel consumption in the vehicles and Generator Set.

Apsis Remote Fuel Monitoring System (ARFMS) consists of a. Fuel Level Sensor and b. Remote Transmission Unit (RTU) GSM/GPRS Connectivity module.

An additional feature for Generator Sets is continuously monitoring of the voltages being generated and Generator set actual running time recording facility. This supports in genuine billing to the customers.

This cutting-edge solution provides managers with complete transparency into their Vehicle / Generator Sets - Fuel Levels, operation timings, improving performance, enabling consistent billing and reducing costs. On-demand access to present fuel levels, rate of discharge/usage and duration of usage minimises pilferage and enhances customer service. The Apsis Remote Fuel Monitoring System (ARFMS) is designed for fuel level monitoring in a range of industries, including Breweries, Fuelling stations, Shipping, Trucking, Transportation, Emergency Services or any place where any liquid needs to be monitored in real time:

  • Real-time Fuel Level Information
  • Optional GPS connectivity port for location information
  • GIS-enabled digital map for Vehicle/Generator Set tracking
  • Two-way text communication between Equipment and Base Station
  • Programmable SMS notifications for predefined events and emergencies
  • Customisable for client-specific requirements
  • Customised built-in GSM/SMS communications
  • Ignition sensing
  • Rate of discharge monitoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Supports genuine billings