The Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) provides real-time monitoring and management of Monitoring liquid level in tanks providing alerts and notifications, and offers easy-to-use real time information

The Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) provides reliable, real time cost-effective, liquid level monitoring and management. Combining GSM/GPRS based wireless communication with an easy-to-use web-based management application; the Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) ensures constant, on-demand access to current levels of liquid present / consumed information at any time, from any place.

Typical cases of liquid being monitored being wines and beer in breweries, milk, fuel and lubes in the service stations, oils in refineries, water in storage and waste water tanks etc. Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) further supports combining many extra sensors like Temperature, Humidity, pH etc. to it.

Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) continuously monitors the liquid levels in the tank and keeps a log of levels on an on-board memory device. This information is sent from the transceiver over a GSM or GPRS wireless network to the Apsis Central Monitoring Web Application (ACMWA) where it is saved in a secure database. If no wireless network is available, the information is stored until a connection can be established.

The system is further capable of detecting any sudden change in the levels of the fuel, which might unwarranted due to some leakage in the tank. The refilling of the tanks is also monitored and the information is saved for later use.

An additional feature to the existing Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) system is the control feature which can be used to control the Valve opening and closing timing from a remote end by sending an SMS from the base station.

In short Apsis Remote Tank Monitoring Solution (ARTMS) is a comprehensive stand alone system which ensures regular monitoring and control of total liquid supply without any human intervention, irrespective of the distances involved.

  • Real-time Liquid Level Information
  • Two-way text communication between Equipment and Base Station
  • Programmable SMS notifications for predefined events and emergencies
  • Customisable for client-specific requirements
  • Customised built-in GSM/SMS communications
  • Rate of discharge monitoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Valves controlling
  • Extra sensor interfacing like Temperature, Humidity, pH etc.
  • Optional GPS connectivity port for location information on GIS Enabled Map.

  • Applications include bulk liquid storage tanks at/in:
  • Refineries
  • Independent tank terminals
  • Marketing terminals
  • Pipeline terminals
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Liquefied gas terminals (LPG and LNG)
  • Aviation fuel depots
  • Power plants
  • Biofuel plants
  • Distilleries