• Steps to use Flash Magic and Burn Code in IC       
  • This tutorial targets the usage of the inbuilt bootloader program to flash the 8051 family ICs from NXP (Formerly Philips).. Read more

  • How to make the software portable       
  • The basic way to use any software is to first install it in your system and then run it. At times this installation process consumes a lot of time which ends up making us irritated.
    Time,of-course is the most precious thing in today’s world of advanced technologies. Well, the solution to the problem is to make the software PORTABLE.. Read more

  • Installation Procedure for MP LAB and C18       
  • The MPLAB IDE is the graphical, integrated debugging tool set for all of Microchip’s more than 800 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs and digital signal controllers, and memory devices.
    It includes a feature-rich editor, source-level debugger, project manager, software simulator, and supports Microchip’s popular hardware tools, such as the MPLAB ICD 3 in-circuit
    debugger, PICkit™ 3, and MPLAB PM3 programmer. To know how to install MPLAB and C18 .. Read more

  • How to change COM port multi digits to single       
  • Many a times when we insert a ‘USB to Serial’ convertor it shows that the COM port selected is in 2 or 3 digits. To overcome this problem we forcefully change the COM port to a different
    single digit COM port. However, in doing so, we observe that the new forced COM port number does not work as it still picks the previously set driver to initiate the communication,
    which is not present in reality (as it was forced to match a new hardware). To solve this problem we need to Read more