This tutorial targets the usage of the inbuilt bootloader program to flash the 8051 family ICs from NXP (Formerly Philips). The latest version of Flashmagic can be downloaded from the following link Send us a mail on to give your feedback or incase of any help regarding the hardware or the software problems (including embedded systems).

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Flash Magic is a straight forward and intuitive user interface with just eleven simple steps to erasing and programming a device and setting key options by implementing Programs Intel Hex files. It automatically verifies after programming and fills unused flash to increase firmware security. You can read any section of Flash and save as an Intel Hex File. A command line interface is also provided which allows the use in IDEs and Batch Files. It also supports half-duplex communication for many devices.

Follow the given steps for using flash magic software to burn the code into IC.      

1) Select FLASH MAGIC FOLDER present inside All Programs

2) Open the Folder and Click on the FLASH MAGIC icon

3) Wait for the Application to open

4) Observe the User Interface screen

5) Select appropriate COM port

6) Select appropritae Baud Rate (9600 or less)

7) Select the Device (IC)

8) Tick appropriate settings

9) Select the HEX file

10) Click START button for burning code into IC

11) Press RESET button on the Apsis 8051 Kit to initiate programming