PCB Designing
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Apsis Solutions provides high end quality PCB design services with End-To-End Solutions. Apsis Solution's quality workmanship ensures that the client gets fully satisfied and provides support till the product development cycle is completed.
Our Progressive team of engineers, designers & support professionals has over 15 to 20 years of combined experience & are capable of handling the toughest design challenges in the industry. We specializing in High Density, High Speed designs with various packages and Form Factors. Our specialization is lies in area of designing PCB's with adequate measures taken for EMI/EMC issues. This experience includes controlled impedance, SMT, Multi-Layers, high density, high speed, video, digital & analog boards.

Power electronics board design: We are specialized in designing power boards including SMPS, IGBT drivers boards with micro controllers, DSP, considerable experience EMI/EMC issues with such boards.
Services Include
1.High Speed, High Density Designs
    a. Through Hole to BGA (Micro, fineline) etc.
2. Digital and Analog domains.
3. Power Board, SMPS, DC-DC Converters
4. High Speed Design Rules, cross talk     management and Power Management.
5. Schematic Capture.
6. Auto / Manual Routing.
7. Blind and Buried Via Designs.
8. Cheap Open Source Solutions by KICAD.
9. Expensive Orcad based design.
10. Single Layer to Multi Layer Design Capabilities
11. Gerber generation
12. Sample PCB manufacturing
13. BBT Testing