The basic way to use any software is to first install it in your system and then run it. At times this installation process consumes a lot of time which ends up making us irritated. Time, of-course is the most precious thing in today’s world of advanced technologies.

Well, the solution to the problem is to make the software PORTABLE. Now installation of the software will not be required to run it. Simply push your Pendrive/Flashdrive into the USB port of the system and click on the application (in your pendrive/flashdrive) to run it.
This not only will save your time but also your efforts to run an application. This tends to make the lower memory use than the average thus helps in keeping the system fast.

• Portable App Creator
• Software/Application setup (which you want to make portable)

In this tutorial we will teach you to make Flash Magic portabe. Flash Magic is software which is used for burning codes into NXP’s ICs. You may use the same procedure to make any software portable. So, Let’s get started.

Follow the steps to know how to make software portable:

1) Get the “Portable App Maker” and “Flash Magic” (setup) saved on your system.

2) Open the “Portable App Creator” folder and double click on the application to run it.

3) Select the destination drive where you wish to save the portable software. Prefer pendrive/flashdrive to make things
easy for future use. You may also choose a hard drive location (D: or E:). After selecting the drive, click next to continue.

4) Click on Browse to select the setup file of “Flash Magic” (located in your system) and then click open

5) Click ‘next’ to continue

6) Click on “Take 1st Shot” button to examine the selected software

7) Click “Install Application” button to start the installation process

8) Press OK to continue and then press NEXT

9) Accept the agreement and then click Next

10) Browse and select the location where you wish to save your portable software. And then click ‘next’ to continue.

11) Click ‘next’ to continue

12) Tick the checkbox if you want to create desktop shortcut. Then click ‘next’ to continue

13) Click on the “Install” button to start the installation process

14) Wait for the Installation process to complete

15) Click ‘Finish’ to continue

16) Click on “Get Shortcut Info” button to continue the process

17) Click on Browse to select the “Flash Magic” .exe file which is created in the destination drive which you selected to create
portable software. Perform this operation for both the Browse buttons.
Then click ‘next’ to continue

18) Click Open/Close button to test the created portable software

19) Press Ok and then wait for the application to open. After the application opens, simple close it to continue with the process.

20) Click on “Take 2nd Shot” button to continue

21) Click “Process Shot” button for final testing and then click ‘next’ to continue

22) Wait for the process to complete

23) Click “Done” to finish the process.

Your portable software is ready to use now in your destination drive. Simply put the pendrive/flashdrive into USB port of any system
and you can run the application by double clicking on the “.exe file” present inside the “Flash Magic” folder.